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Introducing the BizFacility Complete Financial & Tax Online Training Bundle


Grab all the Tools necessary to make 2013 your best business year ever…

Our Financial Training Courses & Tools have helped 100′s of Business Owners just like you to Dramatically Improve the Financial Health of their respective Businesses…


  • Powerful Business Health Analyser Workbook
  • Automated Personal Tax Workbook
  • Understanding Your Personal Tax Liabilities Online Training Workshop
  • Understanding Financial Statements Online Training Workshop

Get 4 of our Best Selling Financial Training Tools & On-line Workshops for 1 extremely low price

“Thank you for the very informative course presented. Most certainly one of the most valuable courses I have ever attended. I have seen some of these factors and ratios before but none created the sense of understanding and comprehension I now have on this topic”
Grant, Cape Town

So What Exactly are you getting with the BizFacility Complete Financial & Tax Online Training Bundle?

Our Very Popular

1. Powerful Business Health Analyser Workbook

(Current sells on special for R590.00 here)

Analyse your business using powerful ratios. Run your most recent data through the workbook and you will generate an analysis which will pinpoint the efficiency of your business.

You can Easily Calculate:

  • Profitability
  • Cash Flow Generation
  • Asset & Working Capital Management
  • Operational Efficiencies and Productivity of Employees & Assets
  • and so much More

**Included with this workbook, are four video’s to assist you in completing the workbook, as well as how to read and analyse the ratios:

  • Ratio analysis, including EBITDA
  • Operational ratios
  • Financial ratios
  • The workbook – finding our way

2. Automated Personal Tax Workbook

(Worth the price of this entire offer by itself)

Just insert your personal tax data and your tax liability will then be calculated automatically. With the Automated Tax Workbook you will be able to calculate your taxable income and tax liability for the current tax year, with minimal understanding of the tax requirements.

The Tax Calculator includes:

  • Normal Tax Calculation
  • Capital Gains Calculation
  • Taxation of Lump Sums
  • Home Office Calculations
  • Travel Allowance Calculations
  • Income from Trading (Sole Traders & Partnerships)
  • and so much More

3. Understanding Your Personal Tax Liabilities Online Training Workshop

*14 Video Modules + Course Workbook & Worked examples

Are you at a loss as to what you owe the Taxman?

Do you receive an assessment for payment of tax, even though you pay your tax over every month?

Do you actually know what to claim for medical expenses, vehicle expenses and allowable deductions with having a home business ?

The Online Video Training Course will Teach You:

  • How to Confidently calculate your Tax Liabilities
  • How to Ensure you Claim all Deductions available to you…
  • How to Claim your Vehicle Expenses to minimize the tax payable on your vehicle allowance – actual costs, deemed costs and the log book
  • How to Calculate how much of your Medical expenses you will receive as a Deduction…
  • How to go about Claiming for a Home Office
  • How to treat your Income Received from Insurances and other Lump Sum Payouts
  • How to Easily Calculate Provisional Tax
  • and so Much More…

4. Understanding Financial Statements Online Training Workshops


*20 Video Modules + Course Workbook & Worked examples

Are you making profits, but cannot understand why the cash is not in the bank?

Many Business Owners struggle in understanding how to use the Financial Statements generated by their accountants, to make effective business decisions.

The Online Video Training Courses will Teach You:

  • How to Make Effective Business Decisions through the Proper Use and Understanding of Financial Statements…
  • How to Effectively Manage Cash Flows, Profitability & Efficiency in your Business…
  • How to use Simple But Effective Tools to Manage the Financial Health of Your Business…
  • How to Use your Understanding of Financial Statements to Grow your Business
  • How to Immediately Identify What is Working in Your Business and What needs to Change…
  • How to Communicate with Your Accountant to Maximise the Profitability of Your Business…
  • and So Much More…

5. Business Valuation Online Learning Training Workshops

  • provides insight into how to value a business, as well as a proprietary valuation workbook, that step by step, will explain the theory, and also in a practical way, assist you in calculating the value of your business!

  • Content by Biz Facility, experts in Finance and Tax, and hosted and supported by Bridgewater Learning, leaders in e-learning development and delivery.

INCLUDED in this Comprehensive Training Course:

  • 13 Easy to follow Video Modules
  • Comprehensive Downloadable Notes for each Module
  • Powerful Valuation Calculator Workbook
  • Online Self-tests and Assignments
  • Technical Support for all online Access Queries
  • Email Support for all Content Queries
  • Valid for 12 months to have Content as a Reference
  • Certificate of Completion of the Course Issued

So what do you get with this Online e-learning Training Course?

1. Business Valuation Online Video Training Workshop

The 13 Module Online Video Training Course will teach you:

Part I – what is business valuation

1. Introduction – why valuation?
2. Definitions of terms used
3. Drivers of valuation
4. Sales growth or Return on Invested Capital

Part II – valuation techniques

5. Level of value and the Three Valuation methods
6. Discounted Cash Flow model
7. The proprietary valuation workbook
8. Single Period Capitalisation method
9. Multiples – the Market Approach to valuation
10. Cost methodology
11. Risk: Porters Five Forces and Swot Analysis

Part III – Closing & case study

12. Closing and way forward
13. Case study

The workshop is designed to explore in a non-jargon way, how to value a business, whether you are looking to purchase the business, or simply to understand what your own business is worth.

2. Automated Excel Valuation Worksheet


For more information contact
Gary Garbutt – General Manager

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About your Presenter Mr Gavin Beretta…

Gavin Beretta FCIS, MBA, CMT – has held a number of senior positions in medium and large organizations over the past 25 years, including that of Finance Manager, Finance Director and Senior Procurement Manager Africa. His experience included valuing business’ for takeover, providing finance leadership to various management teams, and embedding operational efficiency in procurement activities across Africa.

He currently provides tax and accounting services to small and medium sized business, as well as individuals.

He is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators, and obtained an MBA in 2003, specializing in international Finance and Financial Risk Management.

He is also a member of the New York Market Technicians Association and holds a degree in using technical analysis to invest in equities, both locally and internationally.

  • The Powerful Business Health Analyser Workbook
  • Automated Personal Tax Workbook
  • Understanding Your Personal Tax Liabilities Online Training Workshop
  • Understanding Financial Statements Online Training Workshop