A Complete e-learning Personal Tax Training Course


  • The tool you need to understand your personal tax and complete your tax return!
  • Content by Biz Facility, experts in Finance and Tax, and hosted and supported by Bridgewater Learning, leaders in e-learning development and delivery.

INCLUDED in this Comprehensive Training Course:

  • Understanding Your Personal Tax Liabilities Online Training Workshop
  • Automated Personal Tax Calculator
  • 12 month’s access to this online course and information for you to refer to again at any stage
  • Email support from the author, a practicing accountant with hundreds of satisfied clients.


So what do you get with this Online e-learning Training Course?

1. Understanding Your Personal Tax Liabilities Online Video Training Workshop

The 14 Module Online Video Training Course will teach you:
  • How to confidently calculate your tax liabilities
  • How to ensure you claim all deductions available to you
  • How to claim your vehicle expenses to minimize the tax payable on your vehicle allowance – actual costs, deemed costs and the log book
  • How to calculate how much of your medical expenses you will receive as a deduction
  • How to go about claiming for a home office
  • How to treat your income received from insurances and other lump sum pay-outs
  • How to easily calculate provisional tax
2. Automated Personal Tax Calculator

Just insert your personal tax data and your tax liability will then be calculated automatically. With the Automated Tax Workbook you will be able to calculate your taxable income and tax liability for the current tax year, with minimal understanding of the tax requirements.

The Tax Calculator includes:
  • Normal Tax Calculation
  • Capital Gains Calculation
  • Taxation of Lump Sums
  • Home Office Calculations
  • Travel Allowance Calculations
  • Income from Trading (Sole Traders & Partnerships)

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