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SARS Tax Returns – The Season is Officially open

Hi Everyone

Please note that the above tax season is now officially open – and to avoid the rush, I suggest that you begin liaising with your tax practitioner to assist in completing your tax returns, both personal, as well as that of your company / business.

Please note that provisional tax returns for the 2012 year, are also due at the end of August.

We do offer SARS tax returns services and present a full day Personal Income Tax Workshop, so please contact me if you are in need of a tax practitioner or for details of my workshop.

See below from SARS, as well as our Income Tax Workshop dates :

“Dear Taxpayer

Friday 1 July 2011 marks the beginning of Tax Season 2011. As from this date you can submit your income tax return to the
South African Revenue Service (SARS).

As an eFiler you receive your customised return on your eFiling profile after you log on to your personal profile at If you have forgotten your login and password simply click on the question mark icon from the login page and you will be able to reset your login and password.

  • File your return early: Don’t wait for the last minute to submit your tax return. The earlier you do it, the less congested the site and shorter the queues at our branches – and the quicker you will receive any refund you may have due. And don’t worry if you owe SARS money – you get until the very end of Tax Season to pay it, interest free!
  • Don’t just save your returnsubmit it! eFiling allows you to work on your return and then to save your work until you are ready to submit. But your return has not been sent to SARS until you hit the “submit” button and your profile is updated to show the return has been submitted.
  • Be honest about the information you give SARS: It is a criminal offence to fail to declare all your income on your tax return as well as to misrepresent your allowable deductions. Make sure you are completely honest on your return … and avoid delays in processing your return and/or further investigation and action by SARS.
  • Have your supporting documents on hand: When completing your return you may need to refer to some of the supporting documents mentioned below. However, you do NOT need to submit them. But you must keep them safely in your possession for at least five years in case SARS needs access to them in future. These include documents  such as your IRP5/IT3(a) employee  tax certificates, IT3(b) interest certificates, medical aid certificates and receipts, pension fund and retirement annuity certificates, and logbook of business travel expenses.
  • And don’t miss the deadline: This is really important. If you submit your return after the deadline you will face an administrative penalty of at least R250 per month that your return is outstanding!

The SARS Tax Returns Deadlines:

If you are a non-provisional taxpayer who uses eFiling to submit your return, you have until Friday 25 November 2011.

Provisional taxpayers who file via eFiling have until Tuesday 31 January 2012 to submit their returns.

South African Revenue Service


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