Financial Analysis

To perform a complete analysis on your business, starting with RONA and then working down (obtaining more granularity) towards pinpointing where the problems lie, either on the profitability side of the business, or on the asset sweat side, and then also make recommendations to assist in managing your business at a different level.

An overall summary will be generated with which you can then present at your management meetings, audit meetings etc.


1.    Ad hoc analysis, as and when requested by the client: R1,120.00
2.    Quarterly analysis: R 2,100.00
3.    Monthly analysis: R 840.00


The report will be generated in laymans terms and in traffic light format.

View a Sample Report Here

Each report will be tailored to suit the clients business, and to surface the main financial drivers of that business.

In addition to the written report, graphics and a traffic light system will be used to pictorially highlight the areas of concern.