TaxBox was incepted out of a need to provide people who pay income tax in South Africa, with the tools to make sure the income tax paid is no more or no less than what is correct as per the guidelines issued by SARS. We looked at those companies that provide these services and chose Finsolve to “piggy back” off of their two decades of experience in this field.

Their IT tax system experience gave Taxbox the right foundation to build the products now available for people to use. They decided to use an existing supplier of these services due to the complexities of calculating income tax accurately. Finsolve have established an impressive and loyal client base of tax practitioners as a result of providing systems that calculate tax correctly and accurately without the complexities normally found in this field of service.

Finsolve was established in 1987 as a result of the Personal Computer (PC) revolution, the first system written was built to run in Microsoft Disk Operating System (MS-DOS), for those who can recall that far back.

Since then they have been providing tax professionals with software solutions and pride themselves on remaining close to their loyal customer base, always maintaining a deep understanding of income tax and listening to the ever increasing needs for functionally rich products. Finsolve through TaxBox provides a number of PC based products designed to support the many hundreds of accountants, tax professionals and financial planners throughout South Africa.

One of our leading products, TaxBox Taxplanner is an automated solution to analyse, plan, administer and prepare your clients tax the quick, accurate and easy way.

The ideal, easy to use, client database application, saves valuable time in preparing your clients tax in advance prior to assessment. All tax calculations with the applicable rules are built in.

Another widely used product, TaxBox Forms is a database driven application to manage all your important client information, making client company information retrieval quick and easy.

It also keeps track of registrations, Income Tax, VAT, PAYE & other reference numbers, as well as what the registered address and other contact information is. It also has built-in reminders of when CIPC Annual Returns fall due, and documents who the Directors and/or shareholders are.

All our software comes with a 120 day money back guarantee.

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We trust you will find the above information about our various tools and systems offered useful in the line of work you need them for, and if we can assist you any further, please do not hesitate in contacting us.