Using RATIOS to analyse Financial Statements

– Comprehensive e-learning video presented course with notes and workbook 

This course is designed to show the entrepreneur, managers, professionals, bookkeepers and other users of financial statements, how to analyse financial statements using key ratios, and to use this information to write a report on the financial health of the business.

The course uses the three main statements, Income Statement, Statement of Financial Position and Cash Flow Statement,Using our two step tango model, the report is written in such a way, as to develop a story line consistent with the model on how effectively the business converted sales into profits and profits into cash.

Key is the proprietary integrated financial health analysis workbook, which will generate the information required to read the Financials and the conversion of this information into our analysis report template in order to generate a written report on the financial health of the business.

By the end of the workshop, candidates will be able to efficiently analyse the main financial statements, and using a number of key ratios, write a report using our proprietary Analysis Template, which highlights the effectiveness of the business in generating sales revenue through to cash flow.

The workshop covers the following topics:

  1. Introduction and definitions
  2. The Financial Statements – recap:
    1. Statement of financial position
    2. Income statement
    3. Cash flow statement
  3. The Two Step Tango model
  4. EBITDA and a quick valuation of your business,
  5. Ratio analysis
    1. Operational ratios
    1. Financial ratios
  6. Gearing
  7. Writing the financial health report



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