VAT Basic Workshop


The one day VAT for Beginners Workshop – Part 1 is designed for individuals, staff and financial management that are required to calculate and submit VAT returns for a business, and have no or very little understanding/knowledge of how VAT really works.

This workshop introduces a more practical approach to VAT and it’s components so that the calculation and subsequent submissions and payments to SARS are done accurately.

You will be able to recognize and understand when VAT on sales (OUTPUT VAT) becomes payable to SARS, and be more aware and informed of when VAT on purchases (INPUT VAT) may be deducted and when not.

This workshop is designed for entrepreneurs, financial and bookkeeping staff or just individuals that are responsible for calculating and submitting their company’s VAT.

You will gain a basic understanding of how “VAT” works in a practical environment and how it should be applied.

During the workshop, the following Topics are covered:

  • Registration – How do I register for VAT?
  • VAT categories – Which category do I fall under?
  • How to fill in a VAT return
  • Input VAT – what I can claim and what I can’t claim
  • Output VAT – what am I supposed to charge
  • Invoices (What are my invoices supposed to look like?)
  • E-Invoices (Electronic Documents) – how am I supposed to store them?
  • Head Office and Branch transactions
  • Bad Debts

What makes this workshop so unique is that physical examples will be looked at, and the facilitator will assist all delegates with the calculation of the examples – Please remember to bring you calculator.


For more information contact
Gary Garbutt – General Manager

Office: 021 300 1230