VAT Intermediate Workshop


The one day VAT Intermediate Workshop – Part 2  is designed for individuals, staff and financial management currently working in a financial environment dealing with the VAT of the business, and require guidance with calculating this correctly as well as deducting the maximum VAT amount allowable.

This further workshop adopts a more practical approach to VAT and it’s components so that calculations and subsequent submissions and payments to SARS are done accurately.You will be able to recognize and understand when VAT on sales (OUTPUT VAT) becomes payable to SARS and be more aware and informed of when VAT on purchases (INPUT VAT) may be deducted and when not.

With all the practical information received at this workshop, you will possibly realize how much VAT you actually missed and overpaid SARS.This workshop is designed for entrepreneurs, financial and bookkeeping staff or just individuals that are responsible for calculating and submitting VAT. You will gain a good understanding of how VAT works and is applied in a practical environment, and the workshop also focuses in detail on specific industries.

 During the workshop, the following Topics are covered:

  • Are you filing in the VAT201 form correctly?
  • INPUT VAT – Am I claiming the maximum amount of VAT for my company/business?
  • Invoices – what is the latest legislation on the requirements of invoices issued and received?  And E-Invoices?  How am I supposed to keep these?
  • VAT 409 – Fixed Property & Construction
  • VAT 411 – Entertainment, Accommodation & Catering
  • VAT 412 – Share Block Schemes
  • VAT 413 – Deceased Estates
  • VAT 414 – Non Profit Organisations
  • VAT 420 – Motor Dealers
  • VAT 421 – Short Term Insurance


For more information contact
Gary Garbutt – General Manager

Office: 021 300 1230