Build a long & medium term investment portfolio

Learn to invest in stages

Equities are one of the many forms of long term investments that secure Financial Independence.  Investing in Long Term shares is beneficial for capital appreciation and dividends play an important role in retirement planning.
Investors are regularly overwhelmed with the amount of conflicting fundamental and technical advice offered by various financial institutions.


The solution to building wealth is to know when to be in the market and when to be out the market according to sound technical and fundamental principles.

BizFacility is proud to announce the introduction of a one day seminar that will teach and guide you on how to



The benefits of learning about investing in stages include:

  • TECHNICAL ANALYSIS FOR THE MEDIUM TERM INVESTOR – Learn during this one day what many technical analysis neglect – using charts to guide the medium term investor through the volatility of the market.
  • BUY AND HOLD IS DEAD – Market volatility has to a certain degree put an end to the old ways of investing – learn to ensure that the majority of your gains are “banked” when the market turns against you.
  • ALL SHARES GO THROUGH FOUR STAGES – Learn when to and when not to be invested in a share.


The methodology of stage analysis includes:

Positions are entered on a breakout into stage 2, and are exited during or at the end of stage 3.

There are a number of rules for both entry and exit of a position.  Volume, relative strength and other indicators set the rules for entry on an end of day chart while weekly charts provide perspective.

Receive :

  • A Full day practical workshop with notes which ensures you know how to invest in stages.
  • A “free” end of day software with free daily data (terms and conditions apply)
  • A weekly fundamental and technical newsletter illustrating the stages individual shares find themselves.

Attend this workshop for an investment of R 2 750 and receive the weekly review for free for a month.
Investing in stages resulted in a 79% success rate over the past year with a return in excess of 19%. As a comparison the JSE All Share showed a return of +- 11% for the same period.



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