Trading Point

Educates individuals who wish to supplement their income or trade for a living, in an environment that promotes discipline, sound money management principles, solid executable trading strategies and on-going support.


We believe that to become a proficient trader, you need guidance and support to avoid unnecessary frustration or loss of capital. Our lecturers have their own accounts, paid their school fees, made profits and losses. Their experience will assist in your education.


Some of the services provided by Trading Point

Trading Room

The trading rooms operate in a physical room or on the internet.

The physical trading room is an office where you and likeminded traders will setup your laptops and trade together with the guidance of an experienced trader. The trading room will be open for trading hours daily and you can attend at your leisure.

The internet-based trading room is available during trading hours for those who would find it difficult to attend a physical trading room. As trades are executed in the trading room, so the trade is discussed, giving you the opportunity to execute the trade as if you were sitting with other traders.

Local and International Traders Workshop

This three day workshop is the minimum requirement to join the Trading Point trading room. The workshop covers; target trading, identifying setups and triggers, implementing stop losses and money management. The instruments traded include ALSI, CFD’s, SSFs, international indices and currencies.

The 10 Month Master Traders Workshop

This workshop takes place over a ten month period and is designed to elevate you to Master Trader status. This workshop is for those who wish to or are trading for a living. The minimum requirement is that you have attended the Local and International Traders Workshop and have joined a Trading Point trading room.

Trading Point hosts trading and open days around the country, where you can watch live trading, meet the presenters and learn about what we have to offer. Contact us on 031 822 0378 for more information.