Introduction to Financial Accounting

1 Day Practical Workshop



This 1 day workshop is designed to enable bookkeepers,financial and accounting personnel in a business to understand the financial accounting processes better  –  from source documents to Financial Statements.

This very practical workshop will give the above personnel the confidence and knowledge to process the accounting records and transactions accurately and produce data with integrity.

Delegates will be able to recognize the accounting entries that originate within business, enabling a more controlled environment within which the business can operate in.

Additionally, delegates will be introduced to the accountant and bookkeepers jargon, enabling them to understand the language of business. Internal financial controls – implementing and maintaining of controls, will also be explained.

On completing of this workshop, delegates will be able to apply the basic principles of accounting in the work place with confidence.


Course Content

Topics to be Covered:

  • Introduction – Basic Accounting Concepts
  • Accounting Concepts, Conventions & Principles
  • Subsidary Ledgers
  • Petty Cash
  • General Ledger to Trial Balance
  • Journals
  • Budget vs Actuals
  • Tax Calc vs. Accounting Treatment
  • The Accounting Equation
  • The “Double Entry” & T-accounts
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Inventory
  • Fixed Asset Register
  • Cut-off & Matching
  • VAT Treatment
  • Record Keeping


Who Sould Attend

The workshop is aimed at bookkeepers, financial and accounting personnel who require a deeper understanding of the accounting processes in order to produce accounting data  –  data with accuracy and integrity


About the Presenter

Kobus Barnard AGA (SA)   –   (Honours B.Compt)

Kobus is a registered accountant AGA (SA) with SAICA with a solid background over two decades, spanning all aspects of financial management and accounting, in the diverse industries of Fruit Exports, Manufacturing, Rigging & Transport Industry, Internal Auditing and Auditing.

He currently runs a consulting business, BarnAccFin .  Here they do an independent analysis of the financial health of a business. They analyse the business, utilising various financial tools and concepts to compile a report, provide independent recommendations and assist in the implementation of corrective action to obtain success  –  Financial Health.

Kobus’ primary focus in any presentation is that attendees find the material relevant and presented in an understandable and accessible manner.


Live 1 Day Introduction to Financial Accounting Workshop

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Price: 1 500.00

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Feedback from Course Participants:

Cape Town

” Excellent – Management tools ”

“Also wanted to say thank you for the really simply way you imparted knowledge on the course.  I have attended similar courses before and always just walked away feeling a bit bemused.”
“I have a feeling it is knowledge acquired that will forever alter the way I manage my business.  It certainly has already altered my stance on company growth.”

“Slow and steady pace. Presenter knows his stuff well, and did not lose the attendees”

“Real solutions to real business problems”

“Congratulations, we learned a lot in a small time, and it will lead to a better understanding of our business”

“Deeper inside into balance and income statements. Gavin is willing to look at your own company and advise during the workshop”

“Gained an understanding of how to apply the financial statements to analysis the performance of a company. Need to put into practice regularly in order to benefit the company and understand how my own company should be run to be efficient and profitable”

” The actual analysis of the business ”

” Financial Statements / Cash flow explained – Overall great, thanks and am looking forward to future workshops ”

” Excellent – Terminology and layman’s terms ”

” Gave me good insight and knowledge I did not have before ”

” Very well presented at layman’s level and made it fun and easy to understand – Well done ! ”

” Practical help for our business and looking forward to implementing ”


“I  REALLY enjoyed it. Gavin, I like the way you have incorporated practical exercises into the course, “as we go”. Everyone who wants to participate can do so or not. It’s a great way to learn about a complex subject. You get the urge to want to know more, because you communicate so well at the “lower level”. I also do hope that you introduce the “level 2” of this course. I will be there for sure.
Director – Campworld

” Thank you for a very insightful course – for the first time in three years I understand the financial statements of our business ”

” Understanding of income statements and balance sheet ”

” Ratios and the confidence to now talk and interact with my accountant ”

” Excellent – the opportunity to examine financials and apply it practically to examples ”

” Thank you for the very informative course presented. Most certainly one of the most valuable courses I have every attended. I have seen some of these factors and ratios before but none created the sense of  understanding and comprehension I now have on this topic ”

” With still being in school and getting an idea of business management and accountancy for the future because it hugely interests me and the course helped alot – thank you ”

” Translating accountants language ”

” Excellent as really great course ”

” Understanding of overall finances ”

” This seminar makes understanding of the income statement and financial statements ”

” Excellent – the way the info was presented ”

” Excellent with hands on calculations making it easy to remember for when you need to rate your financials ”

” The practical explanation of the subject, actual examples and summary of focusing on what you need to do – Thank you ”

” Provided me with the ability to manage my business financially sound ”


“Never having dealt with “books” before I found the seminar very interesting, giving a good grounding and very well presented.  Thank you”

“Overall well prese4nted course and will be beneficial to me in my business.  Well done”

“Logical approach to the subject matter”

“Practical interactions”

“Adding the technical attributes to the gut feeling”