Oil as a major risk to global growth

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Recent times have identified oil as a major risk to global growth if Middle East events were to get out of hand, pushing oil prices substantially higher and eroding real consumer incomes, a replay of 2011 (when prices rose $30 during the Arab Spring and Libyan Interlude) but only much bigger (fears of $30 to $100 spikes).

Seeing that the global oil demand/supply balance is in any case very tight today, the slightest disturbances can intensify the upside drift in oil ...

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Companies Act 2008 Update

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Companies Act 2008

Note that the regulations of the Companies Act 2008, (effective 1 May 2011) state that a company must calculate its “Public Interest Score” (not sure if the acronym of PIS is going to go down well), at the end of every Financial Year.

The PIS will determine if the company will be subject to an external audit or an independent review.

The calculation is as follows:

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Consumer Protection Act

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We have added a new page to our website for Publications. You can currently download a summary, аѕ provided bу thе Dti, οf thе Consumer Protection Act – CPA fοr short – thаt came іntο effect οn 1 April 2011. As well as the Companies Act.

Please peruse thе document аѕ thіѕ саn hаνе significant bearing οn уουr business.

Further wе suggest thаt уου study Consumer rіght nr.4 іn detail аѕ thе Act prescribes details thаt need tο bе ...

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Biz Facility Training

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Noxolo Mandita 26/07/2021

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I would like to submit completion of the below course.

Debt Collection Management Online Course

I enjoyed it very much and it was very straight forward to understand 😃

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Eileen 13/07/2021

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Thank you so much, these courses are so informative.

I am enjoying doing the online learning with your company.

Thank you once again.
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Liezel Potgieter 28/05/2021

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Hi Ruzel,

Ek moet ook vir jou by se dat jy die kursusse EXCELLENT aanbied, jy praat mooi en duidelik.

Baie dankie vir die wonderlike werk wat jy doen.

Ek sal jou defnitief aanbeveel vir enige iemand.

Angie Rhode 13/05/2021

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It was a lovely course, thank you so much

If you are doing more, please add me to your mailing list. I have over 1200 staff who can benefit from these courses.

General Manager
Essential Cleaning Services

Chantal Thysse 13/05/2021

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Thank you for the survey, it’s greatly appreciated.

And, A Big Well Done To You Ruzel!

You can be super proud of another excellent event and handling such a big group.

Jennifer from our office also gave the following feedback: “I loved the course. Ruzel is brilliant in presenting and so easy to understand. She is excellent.”

I would also like to thank Ashton and Matthew who are always ready to assist when it comes to coordinating and IT-related issues.

It’s such a pleasure working with the Bizfacility Team.


Badia, Icon Oncology 07/04/21

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The VAT Taxable Supplies & Input Tax Credits was VERY GOOD. I repeat it was VERY GOOD

Samantha, Magic Light Box 01/06/21

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I really do appreciate your assistance

Leigh-Anne, Holland Tech 31/05/21

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Thank you for going the extra mile

Susan, Aqua Resources SA 17/05/21

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It was an excellent session

Abida, Bizerba Southern Africa 24/05/21

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